Mr. Schenk has been working in the event industry for many years. Here we design and produce specifically for tent construction, circus tents and circus supplies. and tarpaulin production. This includes the rental of technology for events, tents, mobile heaters and more.

Mr. Schenk came to earth nails through the tent construction and there is a large supply and technical knowledge here.

Some time ago it came about that Mr. Schenk from MB Systemline Gm bH was able to take over the ground screw foundation division. MB Systemline has ceased operations.

The over 20 years of experience in ground screw foundations and their installation have been passed on to Mr. Schenk as the owner. The ground anchor shop has been revised and also offers a platform for experts, i.e. craftsmen or companies who are familiar with the installation of ground screw foundations . The knowledge about ground screws is still available in the person of the previous owner.