No sweat, no back pain !

Don't bother, it's just okay  Ground screws

Turned well and the foundation is stable!•

Save a lot of time and money. No terrain destroyed. No mess


environmentally friendly
No CO2
can be dismantled

less surface sealing
durable hot-dip galvanized

statically calculable
high and immediately resilient
quick construction time
no area destruction

no curing times
no excavation
without soil pollution
Deeper foundations
Ground leveling slope construction
Poor soil

Use our screwing service.

If the soil is good, such as semi-solid clay, you can use our hand screwing devices to screw in up to approx. 76 x 1000 mm or 89 x 800 mm with appropriate force.

Machines are available for rent for the professional sector. You can find the maximum screw-in size for the respective article.

Height compensation with screw foundations or additional supports is no problem

Ground screws from a specialist with over 20 years of practical experience

We advise you on objects and individual needs.
Establish with modern technology, durable, and statically calculated.
From large buildings to garden houses. From the rotating solar mast to sails

We supply all types of ground screws - please inquire! Even the types you won't find in the shop

Ground screws are strong. They hold a lot more than you usually imagine
Can be used immediately after installation - no CO2
There are no more trips to construction sites
You can't found a more sustainable foundation and the ground screws can be dismantled

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Your earth anchor team.