Anchor plate steel 10mm hot-dip galvanized, triangle angled with 2 fasteners

surface: galvanized
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Anchor plate steel triangle WITH SHACKLE

The anchor plate with two holes can be used, for example, for small sails of large tents. Pegs up to 40 mm can be inserted into the two 45 mm holes

The 45 degree bend creates the correct pull direction to the attachment point on the mast etc.

The surface is also available in raw or powder-coated

A notice:

An earth nail Ø35x1300mm holds a non-permanent static load (e.g. wind load) of 5.95 kN (characteristic for a load application angle <= 45 degrees) to the ground in tightly packed, non-cohesive soil. Security according to DIN EN 13782 “Tent”. or observe the minimum distances between the anchor plates and one another.

Shackle: 3.25 t payload, SF 5 = breaking load of approx. 15 tIndustry Also available powder-coated and untreated.

For larger loads, choose usEarth nail with accessoriesACCESSORIESSquare anchor plate with 4 holes or we create custom-made products with more holding holes.Earth nail with accessories

Delivery time: 3 – 5 days*

Ground anchors and ground nails “Made in Germany”

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