Anchor plate steel 10mm hot-dip galvanized, row fastening 45° with 4 Lobo 45m Ø - 600 x 70mm

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The anchor plate row fastening is lasered and hot-dip galvanized

They are available flat or angled (the last hole) at 45°

The angled shape makes it easier to attach the shackle, carabiner, etc. at a 45° angle. This makes it easy to attach shackles, carabiners and ropes. The 10 mm thickness ensures that the steel cannot be pulled out.

You can use any ground anchor, but 25 or 30 mm Ø is ideal. Ground anchors 25 x 800 mm raw or galvanized are ideal.

For high loads, place the anchor plate row fastening in a fan shape around the first hole in order to attach a 6.5 ton shackle there, for example. Place the ends outwards at a distance so that you can absorb high loads depending on the type of peg.

It's simple: the more ground anchors you drive in and the longer they are, the more the construction will hold. Just make sure there is enough space between the steel anchors so that the ground can fully absorb the forces.


Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Anchor plate for tent nails made in Germany

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