Extendable oarlock -THE ORIGINAL- made of steel for type 050, extra sturdy powder-coated with ring eyelet

diameter: 25mm
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The pull-out oarlock -THE ORIGINAL- was designed in our company and brought onto the market.

The part is made from one piece and is therefore very durable.

There are pull-out oarlocks for all types of pegs. It is particularly suitable for the ground anchor type 050 or anything that has a corresponding head. The eyebolt, which is a wearing part, can be replaced. Furthermore, a threaded rod can also be used for stationary attachment to an excavator or wheel loader part, etc., instead of the ring eyelet.

The powder coating guarantees long durability for the surface.

The eyebolt is a wearing part and can be replaced at any time . Or you can use a threaded rod or screw to attach it directly to a front loader, boby car or excavator, for example.

The dimensions in the illustrations are the shoulders on the anchor head of the respective type.

If a peg is stuck and you want to hit it with a sledgehammer to loosen it. No problem, the part is massive.

Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Tent nail puller in extra durable mady in Germany

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