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length: 1000mm
diameter: 76mm
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The screw foundation type F-square has a rectangular flange plate 140 x 190 mm and is open in the middle according to the pipe diameter. There are 6 holes Ø 11m around the inner hole. There are also 4 length slots 11 x 100 mm.

The F-square type is well suited for holding wooden beams, metal rectangular tubes, IPE or HEA beams as it offers numerous fastening options.

A high level of compensation is possible for vertical installation when fastening special post supports. You can also find these in the shop

The designation F-angular means - rectangular flange plate

Manufacture : The tube body is made of one piece. Spiral and all other parts are welded throughout. Hot-dip galvanized approx. 70 my according to DIN.

Material properties : mm

Outer diameter:

Material thickness: 3.6

adjustment depth

Setting diameter:


Hole circle diameter:

Flange outside diameter:

Flange thickness:

Alignment range with eccentric:


3.5 f. 1000 +1600?


60 mm with eccentric, otherwise free

3x M8




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